PHP is a server-side programming language that (like JavaScript when used with Node) will allow you to programmatically generate HTML. My expectation is that after having familiarized yourself with JavaScript, PHP shouldn't look too foreign. There are some major differences between the two languages of course, but hopefully you will find that learning one language has made learning another easier. This will continue.

PHP is a vast world that we will only glance at too briefly. But at the risk of confusing your JavaScript habits a little, I think we will all do well to have some exposure to it.

Let's start with some basic notation:

  echo $SomeVariable;

Now let's fire up a server in the terminal:

$ php -S localhost:8000

In Class

Take any multi-page assignment from this class and separate your navigation into a single PHP file.


We won't be delving too deeply into PHP. Still I encourage you to dig deeper on your own. The lynda video series PHP with MySQL Essential Training by Kevin Skoglund is a fine place to start. You might create an account on Codecademy and go through the PHP module up to and including functions Part I.