Explore the many JS libraries available. Choose one to work with. You can select from the ones demonstrated in class (Paper.js, two.js, or three.js) or pick something completely different.

Submit a single page web poster/billboard that uses a graphics frameworks (or any other kind of library you discover on your own and would prefer using). If you would prefer, instead of a complete page, you may focus on a specific part: a background or a logo for example. It might be fun to develop a subtly animated, interactive, or dynamic lettering project using nothing but primitive shapes.

Consider your work as a visual language: the rules that you impose on yourself and ask your reader to follow form the syntax of that communication. Visual communication can also be multidimensional and non-linear. You may speak multiple languages at the same time to your reader and still be understood. Try and develop multiple visual vocabularies that coexist on the screen (either side by side or overlaid).

Read chapters 1-4 in Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.


Read up on the SVG format.