You are free to work in pairs or in groups of three (not more) on all assignments. This is optional. You can of course submit all assignments on your own if you prefer. For those in the class keen on working with others, but unsure of who to ask, I can pair you up.

If you work with someone else I insist that you work together on the entirety of the assignment. That means that both or all three of you should be seated side by side for the duration of the assignment sharing the same computer and frequently (every 20 min or so) alternating between typists. All pairs of eyes should be looking at the same code, or doing the same research online. You may NOT divide and conquer pieces of an assignment. It is thoroughly unproductive to think of one part as yours and another part as a colleague's.

It is completely inappropriate — and a violation of RISD's academic policy — to submit an assignment as a joint work that has in fact been worked on individually. If your group dissolves or becomes dysfunctional (it happens), try and learn from the experience. Empathize with your teammate(s); identify what the sources of conflict were. And please, keep me informed.